Idiom and Phrases
Idiom and Phrases
1.A blessing in disguise
  1. A fortunate event that initially seems unfortunate
  2. A disappointing situation
  3. An unexpected surprise
  4. A miraculous occurrence
Explain: It means that something may seem bad or unlucky at first but can result in something positive in the end. Example: Losing his job turned out to be a blessing in disguise as he found a better opportunity afterward.   2.Bite the bullet
  1. To face a difficult or unpleasant situation with courage
  2. To avoid taking action
  3. To indulge in luxury
  4. To make a hasty decision
Explain: It means to confront a challenging or unpleasant task without hesitation. Example: Despite her fear of public speaking, she decided to bite the bullet and give a presentation to the large audience.     3.Cut corners
  1. To take shortcuts or avoid doing things properly
  2. To engage in physical exercise
  3. To save money
  4. To improve efficiency
Explain: It means to find ways to do something quickly or cheaply by sacrificing quality or standards. Example: The company cut corners in the production process, resulting in a lower-quality product.   4.Don't cry over spilled milk
  1. Don't waste time worrying about something that has already happened and cannot be changed
  2. Don't waste food
  3. Don't make a mess
  4. Don't be too emotional
Explain: It means not to dwell on past mistakes or regrets but instead focus on moving forward. Example: I lost the game, but there's no point in crying over spilled milk. I'll do better next time.   5.Every cloud has a silver lining
  1. There is something positive to be found in every negative situation
  2. Every challenge has a solution
  3. Bad luck will eventually turn into good luck
  4. One should always look for opportunities in difficult times
Explain: This phrase emphasizes the idea of optimism and finding something good or valuable even in difficult or unfortunate circumstances. Example: Despite failing the exam, she realized that every cloud has a silver lining when she discovered a new passion for a different field of study.   6.Fit as a fiddle
  1. In excellent physical health or condition
  2. Skilled in playing a musical instrument
  3. Looking fashionable
  4. Having a good sense of humor
Explain: It means to be in great shape or health. Example: After following a strict exercise routine and eating a balanced diet, she felt fit as a fiddle and had more energy throughout the day.   7.Get a taste of your own medicine
  1. Experience the same negative treatment that one has given to others
  2. Try a new food or beverage
  3. Receive praise for good behavior
  4. Get punished for one's mistakes
Explain: It refers to experiencing the same treatment, especially negative, that one has inflicted on others. Example: After years of teasing his classmates, he finally got a taste of his own medicine when they started teasing him back.   8.Hit the nail on the head
  1. Say or do something exactly right
  2. Miss an opportunity
  3. Make a loud noise
  4. Get hurt accidentally
Explain: It means to be accurate or precise in saying or doing something. Example: His explanation hit the nail on the head and clarified the issue for everyone in the meeting.   9.Jump the gun
  1. To start doing something too soon or prematurely
  2. To engage in a race
  3. To make a sudden decision
  4. To miss an opportunity
Explain: It refers to acting or making a move before the appropriate time. Example: They jumped the gun and announced their engagement before discussing it with their families.   10.Keep your fingers crossed
  1. To hope for good luck or success
  2. To make a fist in anger
  3. To be physically active
  4. To keep one's hands busy
Explain: It means to wish or hope for something positive to happen. Example: She kept her fingers crossed as she awaited the results of the job interview.   11.Let the cat out of the bag
  1. To reveal a secret or confidential information
  2. To play with a pet cat
  3. To get scared by a cat
  4. To hide something valuable
Explain: It means to unintentionally disclose something that was meant to be kept secret. Example: Sarah accidentally let the cat out of the bag and revealed the surprise party plan to her sister.   12.Make ends meet
  1. To have enough money to cover expenses
  2. To tie two things together
  3. To complete a task successfully
  4. To organize a meeting
Explain: It means to have enough income or resources to manage one's expenses. Example: Despite having a low-paying job, she managed to make ends meet by budgeting and prioritizing her expenses.   13.No pain, no gain
  1. To achieve success, one must work hard and endure difficulties
  2. To avoid physical activities that may cause pain
  3. To rest and relax
  4. To take shortcuts to achieve success
Explain: This phrase emphasizes the idea that in order to achieve something worthwhile, one must be willing to put in effort and face challenges. Example: He knew that no pain, no gain, so he pushed himself during training to improve his athletic performance.   14.On the same page
  1. To have a shared understanding or agreement
  2. To be reading the same book
  3. To have a similar opinion
  4. To be at the same location
Explain: It means to be in agreement or to have the same understanding about a particular matter. Example: The team had a productive meeting and made sure they were all on the same page regarding the project's goals and timelines.  
  1. Penny for your thoughts
  2. A request to know what someone is thinking or feeling
  3. A small amount of money given in exchange for a favor
  4. A phrase used when someone is daydreaming
  5. A reminder to be thrifty and save money
Explain: It is a way of asking someone to share their thoughts or opinions on a matter. Example: She seemed lost in thought, so he asked, "Penny for your thoughts?" to encourage her to share what was on her mind.   16.Saved by the bell
  1. Rescued from a difficult or dangerous situation by a timely interruption
  2. A phrase used to compliment someone's appearance
  3. A reference to a boxing match
  4. A reminder to set an alarm clock
Explain: It means to be saved or rescued from an undesirable situation by an unexpected event or interruption. Example: Just as he was about to embarrass himself in front of the audience, the phone rang, and he was saved by the bell.   17.Up in the air
  1. Uncertain or undecided
  2. Physically elevated
  3. Traveling by airplane
  4. Feeling joyful and carefree
Explain: It means that something is undecided, uncertain, or yet to be determined. Example: The date for the meeting is still up in the air, as they haven't finalized the venue and time.  
  1. When pigs fly
  2. Something that is unlikely or impossible to happen
  3. A reference to a pig farm
  4. A phrase used to express surprise
  5. A symbol of good luck
Explain: It is used to express skepticism or the belief that something is highly unlikely to happen. Example: "Sure, I'll lend you a million dollars when pigs fly," he sarcastically replied to his friend's request for a loan.  
  1. You're pulling my leg
  2. To tease or joke with someone
  3. To physically pull someone's leg
  4. To criticize or insult someone
  5. To show support and encouragement
Explain: It means that someone is joking or teasing in a light-hearted manner. Example: "Are you serious, or are you just pulling my leg about winning the lottery?"  
  1. Zip your lip
  2. To be quiet or stop talking
  3. To fasten a zipper
  4. To seal an envelope
  5. To express excitement or surprise
Explain: It is a way of telling someone to be silent or stop talking. Example: The teacher told the students to zip their lips and pay attention during the exam.  

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