List of Popular Jatras Celebrated in Nepal
List of Popular Jatras Celebrated in Nepal
"Jatra" is a Nepali term that refers to a vibrant street festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. These festivals are deeply rooted in the cultural and religious traditions of Nepal. They bring communities together, creating a sense of unity and shared heritage. During a "Jatra," the streets come alive with colorful processions, traditional music, dances, and performances. Temples and sacred sites play a central role in the festivities, with devotees paying homage and seeking blessings.  

Indra Jatra- The Majestic Festival of Kathmandu Valley

Indra (Jatra) Festival 6 Days Tour 2023 - Himalayan Randonner Initiated by: King Gunakamadeva Initiation Year: 1671 AD Indra Jatra is a major street festival celebrated in Kathmandu valley, dedicated to Lord Indra, the king of gods and the god of rain and prosperity. The festival is marked by the display of the wooden chariot of Kumari (Living Goddess) and the masked dance of Bhairav. It also includes music, processions, and the pulling of the chariot through the streets.  

Kumari Jatra

Indra Jatra Festival in Nepal, Kumari Selection Process, Significance Initiated by: King Jayaprakash Malla Initiation Year: 1757 AD Kumari Jatra celebrates the living goddess Kumari, a young girl who is worshipped as a divine representation. King Jayaprakash Malla initiated this festival to pay homage to the Kumari and seek her blessings for the well-being of the kingdom.

Seto Machindranath Jatra - A Revered Festival of the Newar Community

The story of Seto Machhindranath: Kathmandu's god of rain - OnlineKhabar English News Seto Machindranath Chariot Festival in Nepal Initiated by: King Pratap Malla Initiation Year: 17th century Seto Machindranath Jatra is a significant festival celebrated by the Newar community in the Kathmandu Valley. It is dedicated to Lord Seto Machindranath, who is believed to be the god of rain and compassion. The festival is observed with great devotion and enthusiasm. During the Jatra, a small wooden chariot housing the idol of Seto Machindranath is carried by devotees through the streets of Kathmandu. The chariot is taken to Kamal Tindhara, a sacred pond, where a ritualistic bathing ceremony takes place.

Rato Machindranath Jatra -The Grand Procession of Patan

Rato Machindranath jatra 2073 in Lalitpur, Nepal - YouTube Initiated by: King Narendra Deva Initiation Year: 7th century Rato Machhindranath Jatra is a grand festival celebrated in Patan, Lalitpur, to honor the deity Rato Machhindranath. The festival involves the construction of a massive chariot and its procession through the city. The chariot is pulled by devotees, and the procession is accompanied by music, dances, and cultural performances.

Bisket Jatra -Welcoming the Nepali New Year with Gusto

Bisket Jatra Festival Tour to Bhaktapur Thimi 2023, Time, Date, Venue, Calendar, Sindoor Jatra Colorful Festival, Package Cost Initiated by: Unknown Initiation Year: Ancient times Bisket Jatra is celebrated during the Nepali New Year and marks the beginning of the agricultural season. The exact initiator is unknown, but it is believed to have been celebrated since ancient times to ward off evil spirits and ensure a prosperous year. During Bisket Jatra, a chariot carrying the idols of Lord Bhairava and Goddess Bhadrakali is pulled through the streets of Bhaktapur by enthusiastic devotees. The chariot is taken to different locations, and the highlight of the festival is the tug-of-war between two groups representing different parts of the city.

Gai Jatra -The Festival of Cows and Humor

Gai Jatra: Nepal's festival that 'celebrates death' Initiated by: King Pratap Malla Initiation Year: 17th century Gai Jatra is primarily observed by families who have lost a loved one during the year. It is believed that the festival helps the departed soul find their way to heaven and brings solace to the grieving families. During the procession, families lead a cow or a young boy dressed as a cow through the streets. The use of cows in the festival is symbolic. Cows are considered sacred animals in Hinduism and are believed to guide the deceased on their journey to the afterlife. The cow procession is accompanied by participants wearing colorful costumes, masks, and makeup. They engage in humorous acts, skits, and performances, using satire to convey social messages and bring laughter to the spectators.  

Ghode Jatra

Ghode Jatra 2023 in Kathmandu - Dates Initiated by: Unknown Initiation Year: Ancient times Ghode Jatra, also known as the Horse Racing Festival, is celebrated in Kathmandu. While the exact initiator is unknown, it is believed to have been celebrated since ancient times to chase away evil spirits and bring good fortune. During Ghode Jatra, a grand horse race takes place at Tundikhel, a large open ground in the heart of Kathmandu. The festival usually falls in March or April and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The event attracts a large number of spectators who gather to witness the thrilling horse races.

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