Paper Currency
Paper Currency
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 Rupees: These banknotes feature various historical figures, national symbols, and landmarks of Nepal. They are made of paper and have different sizes and colors for easy identification. The higher denomination banknotes are generally larger in size than the lower denominations.   1.Himalaya Shamsher JBR 
  • Rs. 1,5,10 & 100   Paper Currency Introduced During his tenure
  • First introduced by NRB: 7th falgun 2016 BS
1. Yadav Prasad Pandit
  • Rs. 1ooo & 500 Paper Currency  Introduced During his tenure
  • 1000 First introduced by NRB: 14th Baiskah  2026 BS
  • 500 First introduced by NRB: 30th jestha 2027 B
2. kalyan Bikram Adhikari 
  • Rs. 2 & 20 Paper Currency Introduced During his tenure
  • Rs. 2 First introduced by NRB: 14th Baisakh  2038 BS
  •  Rs. 20 First introduced by NRB: 22nd kartik 2039 BS
3. satyendra Pyara Shrestha 
  • Rs. 250 & 25  Paper Currency Introduced During his tenure
  • 250 First introduced by NRB: 28th chaitra 2052 BS
  • 25 First introduced by NRB: 29th chaitra 2052 BS
4. Kul Shankar Sharma
  • Rs. 50   Paper Currency Introduced During his tenure
  •  First introduced by NRB:14th baiskah 2034 BS
Animal printed on  currency

Mount Everest Series

  Nepal Rastra Bank issuing new five-rupee note Tuesday - OnlineKhabar English News Rs. 2 yak   Mount Everest; Garud Narayan of Changu Narayan temple Antelope; trees; bank logo   Mount Everest; temple of god Krishna of Patan; Garuda atop pillar Swamp deer जरायो, कस्तुरी ; trees; mountain; bank logo       Mount Everest; Rama-Janaki temple of Janakpur Snow leopard; bank logo   Mount Everest; Mayadevi inside silver metallic oval; map of Nepal; Ashoka pillar; wood carvings from temple of Taleju in Kathmandu; description "Lumbini – Birthplace of Lord Buddha" One-horned rhinoceros and its offspring in grassy plain; bank logo Mount Everest; god Indra; Mount Amadablam and Thyangboche monastery; wood carvings; clouds Two tigers drinking melted snow    

King series 

  Rs. 1 Deer   Rs. 2 leopard    

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